Grading Policy / Attendance

I know what you care about... GRADES!!!

In this section, I will outline my grading policy, information about homework, quizzes, participation, and attendance.  PAY ATTENTION!  These things are important and will help you be successful in 10th grade English!
 I grade on a point system.  That way, each of you can keep track of where you are in class.  I will pass out a graphic organizer for each of you to attach in your writing journals.  After you receive a grade in class, you can record the points you were awarded on your personal graphic organizer.  I will also include a link to Grade Book in this section.  Directions about how to check grades at that site will be provided to you in class.  
Point Values:
A+ to an A- ... 1000-899 points
B+ to a B- ... 898-799 points
C+ to a C- ... 798-699 points
D+ to a D- ... 698-599 points 
F and lower ... 598 points and lower
HOMEWORK:  Homework will consist of small writing assignments, reflections on class readings, short worksheets based on vocabulary and grammar lessons, and take home quizzes.  (75 points)
QUIZZES:  Some quizzes will be treated as homework, while some quizzes will be given in class.  These quizzes will be based on lessons given during class time and reading assignments.  (75 points)
PARTICIPATION:  Each student will be asked to participate in classroom discussions on occasion.  I will keep track by placing a checkmark next to the student's name on a classroom roster during interactive discussion time.  This will include asking a question, responding to a questions, sharing your ideas, etc.  (50 points)

The school has an attendance policy written out in your handbooks.  Refer to that for school wide policies.  As for my room, I expect each of you to show up eager and excited to learn!  We will have a lot of fun reading, writing, playing games, watching videos, and interacting with the English curriculum on a new level!  If you do miss class, there will be an absent folder located next to the door of the room.  It is up to you to check the folder when you miss class.  I will not be on your back reminding you about missed assignments.  If you check the folder and find you do have to make up work, you will have until the next class meeting to turn it in.  For any assignment, for every day that passes without turning it in, a specified amount of points will be deducted from your potential grade.  The amount of points deducted will depend on the weight of the assignment.