Approved Calculators

Calculators for Classroom Use and End of Year Exams (FSA & EOC)

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The following are FDOE-approved calculators for use on the 7th and 8th grade Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) and End-of-Course (EOC) Exams. 


1) Texas Instuments TI-30Xa                         

2) Casio fx-82 solar

3) Casio fx-260 solar (Recommended - picture shown below) 

4) Sharp EL-510R

5) Sharp EL-510RN


Use this link to access the calculator that is available in the Test Delivery System for FSA Algebra 1 and Geometry EOC and Grade 7 and Grade 8 FSA Mathematics computer-based tests.                              


If you buy a calculator, give yourself enough time to practice using it before the test. The school will not be issuing calculators to students. If you do not bring your own calculator, you will still be able to use the Online FSA Scientific Calculator included with the exam.