Mrs. Albamonti's Health Class

Anti Drug Commercials:
Fact Sheet = 40 points
Research skills/use of class time = 20 points
Presentation = 40 points
Total:  100 points
Due: March 17th, 2011

*Students will be making anti drug commercials for the Wheeler organization PHIT (Positive Health in Teens). Students may make 30 second radio commercials, 30 second video commercials, or billboards.

Fact Sheet: 40 points
Each group must pass in a fact sheet about the drug. It should include origin, description, effects of the drug, street names, legal status, and withdrawal symptoms.  At least three or more resources must to be used and referenced. (MLA format)  Fact sheets should be written in bulleted form on one page.  
Two fact sheets need to be handed in, one to be graded and the other one will be saved.

Presentation: 40 points
Students will present their projects on March 17th in class. Each group will present their fact sheet explaining their drug and present their video commercial, radio commercial, or their billboard.

Research skills/use of class time: 20 points
Students must be on task researching their projects during class time.  If students are not on task points will be deducted daily.

*The group with the best commercial will have their commercial on the radio, on the web, or on a hanging billboard! After all the classes present their projects the best 3-5 projects will be chosen and presented to a panel of teachers. The committee will choose the best one.