Contributing to the Profession

Resources for Future and Current Teachers:


   Kahoot! is a game students can use to brush up on skills to improve on     proficency.  Teachers project the question and answer selections onto a whiteboard while students use any electronic device to punch in answer key.  The program is completely free and easy to use.  Teachers can create their own Kahoot! from scratch or use another educator's Kahoot! as a base to edit.  Students enjoy the competition and escape from everyday lecturing.







  Nearpod is a website that allows teachers to import Power Point Presentations and add interactive acttivities for students to use to review or learn new concepts on particular topics.  There is a variety of activiites for students to engage in to learn about new materials.  Teachers can also include images and extra videos in between slides to go further into depth on a concept.  I really enjoy using Nearpod because the students enjoy using the touchscreen computers to complete assignments.












   Plickers is another activity involving technology to engage students.  Teachers upload questions onto Plickers website with pictures and multiple choice answers (as an example).  The students are given a page with an image that students hold up in the air in a particular orientation when they want to answer the question on the board.  Teacher can use Ipad or phone to read and collect answers from students.  This format allows students to answer without the pressure of being wrong and teachers can analyze data reports afterwards if they want to see how well students understand material.  Teachers can also change the annoymous setting to allow competition or formatively assess students.