Contributing to the Profession


Below are some of the many highly recommended sites that can set up any classroom for success!!


Resource Site- Teachers Pay Teachers  

Teachers pay teachers offers an abundance of activities and lessons that other teachers have already created and are willing to share. The resources cover all subjects and grade levels. It is always easy to find an engaging activity that covers the topic you are teaching.              




Resource Site - Teaching Channel

The teaching channel is source where teachers across the country have posted videos about strategies that have been successful for them in the classroom. This site is so helpful to be able to see these strategies put into practice and to hear feedback from both staff and students.




Behavior Management Site - Class Dojo

I can't say enough good things about class dojo. Through this site, teachers can easily record positive and negative behavior. Once the behavior is recorded, a message is sent to the students' parents. Parents love this site because they can easily see how their child is doing in school. Class dojo is also a great communication tool to let parents know of any announcements or homework each day.


Reading Comprehension Site- Read Works

I used readworks constantly this year! This site contains an abundance of literary and informational passages at all different levels. The passages come with comprehension questions and teachers can choose from a variety of reading comprehension skills so that students are getting plenty of practice.