Developing as a Professional Educator


 Initial cstp goal

My long term term goal in my initial cstp self assessment was to grow in maintaining effective classroom environments.


Progress toward achieving my long term goal

Throughout these past two years, I have implemented many strategies to make my classroom into a positive and safe environment for learning. Both years I have collaborated with parents to put students on behavior contracts so that there could be accountability in reaching my students' behavior goals. I have also become more firm as teacher in stating my expectations and redirecting student behavior.


Areas of strength

I do much better with commuicating to parents about how their child is doing in class. I have also grown in being clear about my expectations for my students.


Opportunities for improvement

The greatest area for improvement is consistancy in my procedures and consequences. I need to be clear with my students about what the different consequences are in the classroom and to follow through with implementing them.


Professional Goal

As a teacher I would like to become much stronger at my classroom management skills. I have grown in being clear and fair with my expectations for my students and have implemented many strategies, but I still need to work on being consistent and following through with my students' behavior. At the beginning of next year I will have clear classroom procedures and a clear classroom behavior plan so that my students are set up for success from the very beginning.


Connected Educator

It has always been important to me to have a strong support system of experienced teachers who can challenge me and help me to be a better teacher for my students. I will not only actively learn from other teachers, but will always make myself available to teachers who need support from me.  I will also be a teacher who is actively looking for ways to have the community be a part of the classroom so that other people can have the the opportunity to share their skills and talents with my students.


Sustaining Passion

In order to sustain my energy as a teacher, it is important for me to make sure that I have a balanced life and taking time to rest. It is important to still make time for things that I love, such as family, friends, and excersize. By keeping my bucket full, I am able to pour out my best for my students. To sustain my energy professionally, I will be a life long learner in finding new and engaging resources  for my students that allow them to experience a love for learning as well.

"I admire your compassion, not only toward each one of your students, but towards our families and coworkers."


A Quote from my Induction Coach

"Alex has been working as our Teacher for the La Fuente Program in Vista, California. She has worked hard to incorporate her cycles and training into her classroom as she completed this year's program doing the ECO year 2 program.  She works with each child with kindness and commitment, never failing to strive to meet their needs—whether it be emotional, academic, or social. I am proud to be her CTI Coach and I am so looking forward to seeing her grow in the following years, focusing on classroommanagement. I am excited to see her grow as an instructional leader."


                                                                        Advice for New Teachers