Developing as a Professional Educator

A)My  goal was to learn more strategies as to how to design learning experiences for all my

students. I made progress my talking to my team, and getting advice from my wonderful coach. Strengths: Engaging and supporting all students in learning,and creating and maintaining effective environments. Continuous Improvement: Developing as a Professional Educator ( lifelong journey) I have surprised myself in that I did not know I possessed as many tools in my tool box. I am glad I gained so many tools this year.

B)Goal: develop my classroom management skills. I have identified this as my goal because I feel in order to be a good teacher, every teacher needs to have good classroom management. I will attain my goal from talking to other colleagues, as well as attending professional workshops

C)Attend professional workshops, subscribe to teaching websites, and read teaching articles

D)Find attributes of all my students that I admire, engage in self reflection, and do my job in manageable chunks. I can also continue to add a sense of humor to my lessons. My students love to laugh and what better way to learn than to make it funny!

E. “ I overheard your student talking with another student about what a great teacher you are and how you always give the students fun things to do. Good job, keep up the good work” I thought, “ wow, I must tell her”

F. The advice that I have for new teachers is to stay humble, and also ask for advice whenever you are unsure about something. I learned so much about myself and got great tips but just asking questions. I also advise staying organized to stay on top of things!