Reading: Over the course of the year we will be reading a variety of books and taking quizzes to test the student’s comprehension. There will be a different book twice a month for students to read, these books are just to keep the students reading while they are not in school. I have tried to pick a variety of books to try to get everyone interests.

September: 6th: First Day Jitters by, Julie Danneberg: 20th: When I was Five by, Arthur Howard

October: 4th: Abracadabra by, Peter Lerengis: 18th: Pumpkin Heads by, William Minor

November: 1st: A Pioneer Thanksgiving by, Barbra Greenwood: 15th: Scrambled States of America by, Henry Holt

December: 6th: Blizzards by, Lorraine Jean Hopping: 20th: The Jacket I Wear in the Snow by, Shirley Neitzel

January: 10th: Tundra Discoveries by, Ginger Wadsworth: 24th: Guess Who my Favorite Person Is? By, Byrd Baylor

February: 7th: I am Rosa Parks, In Her Own Words by, Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins and illustrated by Wil Clay: 21st: Puppy Love by, Dick King-Smith

March: 7th: Exploring Space by, Cynthia Pratt Nicolson and illustrated by Bill Slavin: 21st: Alligator Baby by, Joyce Milton

April: 4th: Bubble Trouble by, Margret Mahy: 18th: The Bee Tree by, Patricia Palccoo

May: 2nd: Goodnight Opus by, Berkeley Breathed: 16th: The Amazing Magic Show by, P.J Preston

June:6th: Yard Sale by, James Stevenson