Science: For Science we will have a different unit every month. There will be different projects and assignments throughout the month that I will provide for the students.

September: Astronomy

o   Astro Adventure

o   Earth

o   Sun

o   Moon

October: Astronomy

o   NASA

o   Planets

o   Solar System

November: Geology

o   Earth

December: Geology

o   Animals

January: Life Science

o   Plants and Soil

o   Great Plant Escape

February: Life Science

o   Soil

o   Photosynthesis

March: Environmental Interaction

o   Small sounds

o   Sounds and Hearing

April: Environmental Interaction

o   Inventors Toolbox

o   Simple Machines

o   The Sun

May: Energy

o   EEK! Environmental Education for Kids

June: Energy

o   Plant Pals Earthzone