The ABCs of 4th Grade


The ABCs of 4th Grade

Assignments: All work (including homework) must be completed in pencil. Incomplete classwork will result in a loss of points from the assignment. All work must be neat so that it can be eaisly read. When a student is absent, he or she will still be expected to complete the missed work. Sudents can copy homework assignments from another student's assignment book. Late work is not accepted unless the student is absent. Papers with no names will be discarded.

Assignment Book: Students are given an assignment book by the school. This book has proven to be a wonderful tool in teaching studentsorganizational and study skills. Students will record daily homework assignments, important dates, and important information concerning upcoming events. There is also space for you or me to write short notes if there are concerns. Please check the assignment book daily for homework assignment due dates.

Field Trips: Good behavior is a must to attend field trips. Moths of planning are required for field trips and it is extremely important that deadlines are adhered to by teachers and parents. When you recieve a permission slip for a field trip, please pay close attention to the deadline and make sureall monies are turned in on time.

Homework: Homework is given so students can practice skills learned in the classroom. Students will have nightly homework. To earn recess, students are required to complete all homework assignments. Please scan your student's homework each night to make sure it is complete. Homework will be checked in class.

Take Home Folder: Your student's graded papers and school announcements will be sent home in a blue "Take Home" folder provided by the school. If you are not recieving your student's papers every week, please let me know as soon as possible.