ATTWN Reading Schedule and Focus Questions


M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday
S = Saturday
L = Sunday

R (10/29):  Read chapters 1-6 (pages 1-106) for Monday.

  • R, 10/29: Read chapter 1 (pages 1-17) today.
  • F, 10/30: Read chapters 2 and 3 (pages 19-61) today.
  • S, 10/31: Read chapters 4 and 5 (pages 63-89) today.
  • L, 11/1: Read chapter 6 (pages 91-106) today.

M, 11/2:  Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 due today. Read chapter 7 (pages 107-119) and chapter 8 (pages 121-137) tonight.
T, 11/3:  Chapters 7 and 8 due today. Read chapters 9 and 10 (pages 139-180) for Thursday. 
W, 11/4: Chapters 9 and 10 due today. Have the novel finished for Tuesday, 11/10. (This includes the epilogue and manuscript).

  • R, 11/5: Read chapters 11 and 12 today (pages 181-210).
  • F, 11/6: Read chapters 13 and 14 today (pages 211-242).
  • S, 11/7: Read chapters 15 and 16 today (pages 243-269).
  • L, 11/8: Read the epilogue today (pages 271-284).
  • M, 11/9: Read the manuscript section today (pages 285-300).

T, 11/10: Have the novel finished for today's class.
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1) What is all the excitement and discussion surrounding Soldier Island? (Include The Busy Bee, Merryweather, and Jonas as well as the other names mentioned.)
2) Who is each character (first and last name, titles like Mr., Miss, Dr., Inspector, et cetera)?
3) List the reason that each character was summoned to Soldier Island.
4) Who has summoned the people to Soldier Island?
5) How did Soldier Island get its name?

1) What other characters do we meet in this chapter? What do they do?
2) Note the poem that everyone finds. What is it about?
3) What bits of information do we find out about all characters mentioned?
4) Why is Vera summoned to the island?
5) What is Vera's permanent job?
6) Who is the boatman, and what does he think of the assortment of people that he must transport?

1) What is on the table?
2) What murder is every character charged with? Also, know the name of the person that each
guest is accused of killing.
3) What was the name of the record? Look up the name of the record. Its a commonly-used phrase. What does the phrase mean?
4) What information was on the record?
5) How did Mr. and Mrs. Rogers know where to be and what to do?
6) Who is Davis?
7) What do the guests figure out about their mysterious host's name?

1) According to Armstrong, what do we learn about Wargrave?
2) What do we learn about Vera's past?
3) What do we learn about MacArthur's past?
4) What do we learn about Lombard's past?
5) What do we learn about Marston's past?
6) What do we learn about the Rogerses' past?
7) What do we learn about Blore's past?
8) What do we learn about Armstrong's past?
9) Who dies and how?

1) What do we learn about the death from the previous chapter?
2) How did Wargrave feel toward Seton?
3) What is missing?
4) What do we learn about MacArthur's past?
5) Does MacArthur want to leave? Why?
6) What do we find about Cyril and Hugo?  Read carefully!

1) What happens to Mrs. Rogers?
2) What does Blore think happened to Mrs. Rogers?
3) What do the people realize about being on the Island?
4) What is missing (again)?

1) What is Emily's story?
2) At what conclusion do Armstrong and Lombard arrive?
3) What do Armstrong and Lombard want to do?

1) What is one theory about Marston's death?
2) How is MacArthur acting?
3) It is decided that how many people are on the island?

1) How are Morris and Lombard connected?
2) What does Armstrong think about Marston's death?
3) What does Blore think Armstrong did?
4) Who dies? How?
5) Again, what is missing? (Are you noticing the pattern yet?)
6) What does Wargrave say about the identity of Owen?

1) Lombard thinks Owen is really who? Why?
2) Vera thinks Owen is who?
3) Rogers thinks Owen is who?
4) What was said in Emily's journal entry?
5) What is missing? (not the same as all the other times)
6) What does Rogers do before he goes to bed?

1) Who is missing?
2) What happened to Rogers?
3) Who starts to go wacky and, as a result, is slapped?
4) Why is Emily suspected?
5) What does Blore admit?
6) Describe Emily's dream.
7) What are people thinking at the end of the chapter? Can we tell whose thoughts are whose?

1) Who dies? How?
2) What two things are missing?
3) What is found outside the window?

1) What is Vera thinking?
2) What does Vera experience in the room?
3) What do we learn about Vera's past?
4) What happens to Wargrave?

1) Who is left?
2) What does Vera remember about Cyril's death?
3) Who has apparently disappeared?
4) What two things are missing?

1) What is a red herring? (Look it up.)
2) How do they try to use a mirror?
3) What happens to Blore? How?
4) Who is found at the end of the chapter? Where?

1) Who killed Lombard? How?
2) How does Vera die?

1) Describe the shift in setting. Where and when does the epilogue take place?
2) What do we learn about Morris's past?
3) Why didn't any people on the mainland respond to calls for help?
4) How do the boy scouts figure in to Scotland Yard's clues?
5) What clues does the record give Scotland Yard?
6) According to the A.C., what do all the crimes of the people Owen killed have in common?
7) How are Lombard, Blore, and Vera each eliminated as possibly being the murderer?

1) What is the Emma Jane?
2) Take meticulous notes so you know what really happened and how everything happened.