Email Example

Click here for an annotated example of an email that adheres to the protocols required when sending a message to a teacher (or, in the future, professor or boss).

  • During this time, you will be communicating with your teachers in written form (especially standard email or messages via OnCampus) much more often than normal; therefore, adhering to the writing standards you have been taught is crucial.
    • First, draft the email or message.
    • Second, read it again at least two times, checking each time for clarity and specificity.
    • Last, edit your message for correctness by using all editing rules you learned this year. (Did you notice in the sample where you must use a colon?)
    • This is a real-life opportunity to put to use all that you have worked so hard to learn as writers this year.
    • Use your writing skills in ALL written submissions and communications during this time. This includes the following: official assignments, emails, discussion posts, and any other writing that you submit or send to your teacher or anyone else.