I Am the Cheese Reading Schedule and Focus Questions


Below is a section-by-section breakdown for the novel.  Have the novel read by the day of the objective test (T, 1/17).  When you decide to read each section is up to you.

pages 11-32
pages 33-48
pages 49-65
pages 66-90
pages 91-109
pages 110-127
pages 128-150
pages 128-150
read all remaining pages


Parts 1-5 (pp. 11-32)
1) The narrator is on Route 31 in . . .
2) The narrator is on his way to. . .
3) Describe the setting as the novel begins (time of year, weather, mood, et cetera).
4) Describe the fears the narrator has.
5) Why won't the narrator take the bus?
6) Whom does the narrator want to call?
7) What does the narrator dump out before leaving? Why?
8) What is the narrator taking to his dad?
9) How does the narrator describe the fact that he knew had go to visit his father?
10) Who is Brint?
11) How does the style of narration change during part two?
12) What effect did the medicine have on the narrator?
13) Who is Skipper?
14) What advice does the old man at the gas station give the narrator?
15) What is a took?
16) What is the narrator's name?
17) What is the narrator's dad's name?
18) Who seems to be speaking during the tape sessions?
19) Where are the tape sessions taking place?

Part 6 (pp. 33-34)
1) How does the narrator feel toward the doctor?
2) Specifically, how does the narrator say he feels?

Part 7 (pp. 35-38)
1) What test is the narrator subjected to?
2) Why would the narrator have to go through something like this (i.e., why are there obstacles?)

Part 8 (pp. 39-48)
1) What is the Doctor's name?
2) Describe the surroundings.
3) Who is Silver? What is Silver's importance, supposedly?
4) Describe the flashback.
5) What does Brint ask Adam at the end of the session? What is Adam's answer?

Part 9 (pp. 49-53)
1) To whom does Adam want to talk?
2) What two words make Adam feel secure? Why?

Part 10 (pp. 54-65)
1) What do we learn about Amy Hertz?
2) How did Adam and Amy meet?
3) What other information do we get about Amy?
4) What nickname does Amy use in order to refer to Adam?
5) What does Adam want to be when he grows up?
6) Why was Adam embarrassed?
7) What is a number? What is "A&P"?
8) Describe the number in this chapter.
9) Where did Adam live before moving to Monument?
10) Describe the incident surrounding the visit from the editor from Rawlings. What do we learn?
11) What is the Mother's maiden name? (and first name)
12) What two landmarks are named?

Part 11 (pp. 66-68)
1) What is the point of this section?

Part 12 (pp. 69-76
1) For what type of proof is Adam searching?
2) What does Adam find? (This concerns the dual birth certificates; give plenty of detail in your notes.)

Part 13 (pp. 77-84)
1) How does Adam act at home? Why?
2) Can Adam talk to Amy about his doubts?
3) Pay special attention to the Thursday phone calls, and get plenty of names and details surrounding these calls.

Part 14 (pp. 85-90)
1) Summarize Adam's encounter with the trouble makers in this section. Pay special attention to names and happenings.

Part 15 (pp. 91-95)
1) Summarize the section.

Part 16 (pp. 96-98)
1) Is Adam able to contact Amy?
2) How does Adam feel about the trouble in Carver?

Part 17 (pp. 99-101)
1) What character do we meet in this section?

Part 18 (pp. 102-105)
1) Whom does Adam meet again? What happens?

Part 19 and Part 20 (p. 106-109)
Describe Adam's behavior in each section.

Part 21 (pp. 110-115)
1) What are the names of the two people who pick up Adam?
2) Where is Adam as the section ends?

Part 22 (pp. 116-127)
1) How does Adam describe the grey man?
2) When the grey man would come over, what would the Mom do? What would the Dad do?
3) What was the grey man's actual name?
4) Who did the Dad say the grey man was?
5) What is Adam's real name?
6) What does the Dad agree to tell Adam?

Part 23 (pp. 128-144)
1) Based on what you now know, what was truly going on during the bus ride and the woods incidents described earlier in the novel?
2) What information do we get regarding the family's real history?
3) Why did they go into hiding?
4) What attempt was made at killing the Farmers?
5) How did the Dad almost get killed at the newspaper building?
6) What is special about the downstairs room?
7) What was the "funeral" phone call?
8) What is the explanation behind the birth certificates?

Part 24 (pp. 145-150)
1) Who is Arthur?
2) Where is the bike?
3) Who is Junior Varney?

Part 25 (pp. 151-160)
1) Why does Grey come by every so often?
2) What other information do we get on Grey?
3) What changes did the Dad make in order to conceal his identity?
4) What is the truth about Aunt Martha?

Part 26 (pp. 161-171)
1) What are the never knows?
2) What are the Mom's worries as described in this section?
3) What is Grey's number?
4) How does the Mom defy Grey?

Part 27 (pp. 172-176)
What is the status of the bike?

Part 28 (pp. 177-191)
1) What was the wedding number?
2) When have the family members' identities been in danger of being known in the past?

Part 29 (pp. 192-200)
1) Were there any Hertzes in Monument?
2) What is going on with Adam on page 199 [new version - 191]?

Summarize the last sections of the book. Think about the following topics:
1) Where has Adam been?
2) How was the family caught?
3) What ever happened to Amy Hertz?
4) Was Amy real? (This is NOT an opinion question.)