KMG Schedule, Focus Questions, Chapter Annotations, and Character List


T, 2/18:  Novels distributed. 
S, 2/22: Read chapter 1 today.

L, 2/23: Read chapter 2 today.

M, 2/24:  Chapters 1 and 2 are due today. (Read tomorrow's assignment tonight.) 
T, 2/25:  Chapters 3 and 4 are due today. (Read tomorrow's assignment tonight.)
W, 2/26:  Chapters 5 and 6 are due today. (Read tomorrow's assignment tonight.)

R, 2/27: Chapters 7 and 8 are due today. (Read tomorrow's assignment tonight.)

F, 2/28: Chapters 9 and 10 are due today.

S, 2/29: Read chapter 11 today.

L, 3/1: Read chapter 12 today.

M, 3/2:  Chapters 11 and 12 are due today. (Read tomorrow's assignment tonight.) 
T, 3/3:  Chapters 13 and 14 are due today. (Finish the remaining chapters for Thursday.)
M, 3/9: Have the novel finished for today's class.






1) Three people are missing homework assignments. Who are they, and why are the assignments missing?


2) Name the high school where the story begins.


3) Name the author of the book. Be careful. It is a woman. Don't misspell the first name.


4) Who is in love with Dave Ruggles?


5) Identify the person who is described as "Big. Loud. Broad-shouldered."


6) Identify the person who is described as "Lean. Expressionless. Cool."


7) What time of year is it as the novel begins? As you read further, explain why this is ironic.


8) Who is the president of the senior class?


9) Name the character referred to in the following quotation: "Doesn’t everyone know her?"


10) What was the assignment that everyone had a hard time turning in (for various reasons)?




1) What is being planned as the chapter opens?


2) What do they ultimately decide to do to Mr. G.?


3) What did Mark do to a cat back in junior high?


4) Who has already failed English Lit. and Comp. once before?


5) What idea for getting Mr. G. is initially rejected? Why?


6) Who suggests murder?


7) What is Dave’s function in the scheme?


8) Who will act as decoy?




1) What is Dave’s nickname for his grandmother?


2) Where is Dave’s dad? Why?


3) Why does David so adamantly believe that he needs the best education possible?


4) What is Dave’s mom’s job?




1) Where does Dave invite Sue?


2) Why is Sue so happy at the end of the chapter?


3) Why are Saturdays special to Sue?


4) What is Sue’s part in the scheme?


5) Describe Sue’s social life.




1) Where did Mr. G. formerly teach?


2) Why did Mr. G. want to teach high school?


3) The last page of the chapter is an example of foreshadowing. How?


4) Who is Kathy Griffin?


5) Are Mr. and Mrs. G. opposite or similar (in terms of personality)? Give examples as support.


6) What is it that Mrs. G. tells Mr. G. to give his students more often?


7) What kind of effect does Mrs. G. think the baby will have on the way Mr. G. treats his students?




1) What did Dave do to his grandmother?


2) How did Betsy trick her mom? Why did she trick her?


3) What word did Mr. G. yell that really got Sue worked up?


4) Why did the word (see number 3) get Sue so worked up?




1) What must happen in order for the kids to release Mr. G.?


2) What type of pills does Mr. G. take?


3) Which two people do NOT notice Betsy’s cuteness?


4) What did Betsy receive while she was in Jeff’s car?


5) Why do the kids leave Mr. G. in the mountains after they drag him all the way up there?


6) Why is Mark so intent on making Mr. G. beg to be set free?


7) Why does Mr. G. take his pills?


8) What was Shauna Bearman’s fate in 5th grade?




1) Whom does Dave go to see at the beginning of the chapter?


2) What does Sue feel she and Dave should do?


3) How does Sue feel about what they have done?


4) What happened to Mr. G. while everyone left him for the evening? How was this foreshadowed earlier in the novel?


5) What do Dave and Sue decide to do?


6) What feature of Mr. G. reminds Dave of his father?




1) What do they plan to do with the body?


2) What will they do withGriffin’s car? Why?


3) What two things must be gotten rid of?


4) What is Dave’s alibi?


5) Whom does Dave need to see at the beginning of the chapter?




1) How do you thinkGriffindied? How do you know?


2) Who is Detective Baca?


3) Whom does Mrs. Griffin go to see?


4) With whom does Mark live?


5) What has happened to Mark’s parents?


6) What were Mark’s parents’ names?




1) Who subs forGriffin? Describe her.


2) Upon whom does the group of kidnappers depend for direction?


3) What false story does Mark want Sue to tell the police?




1) Who is angry at the fact that Sue does not have to help get rid of the car or body?


2) Why doesn’t Mark take Sue along when the group takes care of the car and body?


3) To whom is Mark referring when he says "the pigs?"


4) What illegal thing did Mark do years ago?





1) What story is all over the news?


2) Find the example of dramatic irony which occurs on pages 148 through 149.


3) Sue feels far removed from her family. Why?


4) Who comes to visit Sue?


5) What is the first flaw in Sue’s story regarding her conference with Mr. Griffin?




1) How does Gram know that Dave did not watch TV with her?


2) What does Gram think Dave has been doing lately?


3) Who found the vial on the ground?


4) What else did the "vial-finder" notice?


5) At the airport, how did the policeman recognize Betsy?




1) What did Dave take fromGriffin?


2) Why did Dave steal the ring?


3) What did Irma take?


4) What was inscribed on the ring (translation)?




1) According to the autopsy, how didGriffindie?


2) How does Paula Garret feel toward Mark?


3) Who is helping Kathy deal with her loss?




1) What happened to Gram? How and why?


2) How do Jeff and Betsy defend Mark?




1) What happens to Sue?


2) How did Mark’s dad die?




1) How does Mark fit the definition of a psychopath?


2) Sue's reaction to Mr. Griffin's letter is tragic. Explain how.




For each character, list major events involved in, relations to others, full name, and other important information. BE SURE YOU KNOW FIRST AND LAST NAMES plus any nicknames.

1) Kathy

2) Brian

3) Lana

4) Dave (the student)

5) Mark

6) Sue

7) Gram

8) Rose

9) Brian Jr.

10) Paula and John

11) Eva and Pete

12) Chris

13) Melvynne and Francis

14) Craig

15) Irve and Jeanne

16) Dolly

17) Dave’s mom

18) Jeff

19) Baca

20) Liz and Harold

21) Betsy

22) Rev. Chandler

23) Mr. and Mrs. McConnell

24) the “pig”

25) Maria