Online Syllabus and Classroom Policies

Miss. Montalbano

Room 153

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American History I

—Reconstruction to World War II—


Course Rationale

            Welcome to 9th grade American History!  This is an exciting class that will help you as a student look beyond simply your own experiences and everyday reality.  Instead we will travel back into our country’s past in order to understand the people, places and events that helped to create the United States that exists today.  This course requires that you envision yourself living in various time periods throughout U.S. history so that you can better relate to and understand past events.  In addition, you will question and analyze various perspectives and ideas in order to reach your own conclusions. 


Goals and Objectives

Throughout this course you will:

*      Attend class regularly and be prepared

*      Complete assignments on time and make up absent work

*      Examine primary and secondary sources

*      Research various historical people and topics

*      Construct organizational charts and graphic organizers

*      Maintain a positive attitude

*      Be an active learner, contributing in both class discussions and group projects

*      Be respectful to me and your fellow classmates to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone


Expectations and Responsibilities

            As a member of the classroom you are also expected to come to class prepared to learn.  Please come to class with your textbook, 3-ring binder with paper, and a pen or pencil. You will also need to bring a flash drive and ear buds to class for saving and editing class assignments. 

Eating, drinking, sleeping, or using your cell phone in class is not allowed nor is any other behavior that may disrupt the classroom atmosphere.  My classroom environment is one where I would like everyone to feel comfortable and respected and therefore your behavior should reflect that.  This means raising your hand to speak or leave the room, no calling out, and no cursing or being offensive to others.  Finally, you are of course responsible for following all of Brandywine Heights High School’s rules and regulations.  I will follow a “three strikes” discipline policy.  If a student displays inappropriate/disruptive behavior their name will be written on the board (strike one).  If behavior continues I will write a checkmark next to their name (strike two) and further misconduct will result in an after school detention (strike three).  If I consider a behavior to be severe enough I have the right to jump to strike three and assign disciplinary action that I deem appropriate (detention/call home/sending student to principal/etc.).


Academic Dishonesty

            Often you will be allowed to work together in small groups to complete assignments.  However in all other cases you are expected to complete your own work.  Neither cheating nor plagiarism will be tolerated.  Both will result in a zero and I will follow all other protocol as stated in the Brandywine Heights Student Handbook.  Sources and references must be cited according to MLA format and any information obtained from the Internet must be cited. 



            If you are absent when an assignment is due you are required to hand it in on your first day back.  It is your responsibility to check your period’s late work folder to receive any papers or notes that you missed and to see me before or after class if you have any questions.


Late Work

Work is due in your class bin at the beginning of class on the due date that it is assigned.  Work that is handed in ONE day late will be reduced by 25% after it is graded while work that is handed in later than that will count as 50% off after it is graded.  Late work is accepted up until the end of each unit.  Once we have completed a unit no more work relating to that area of study may be turned in.



All assignments are based on a point scale:                Points Earned

                                                                                    Points Possible

You will receive all graded work to keep track of your grade– I will provide you with your grade periodically throughout the marking period.  Remember to always check your grade online to find your most current grade.