History I Assignments

Welcome to the most important link here.  Each week I will post assignments for History I listing a brief description as well as the assigned date and due date!


Assignments for 4th Quarter

Week of May 17-21

Chapter 11 Section 2 # 1,4,5,6 Due: Wednesday, May 19th 


Week of May 3-7

Extra Credit for completing 3 sections of the study guide, Due Thursday, May 6th

 Test on Great Depression and New Deal, Thursday, May 6th

Week of April 26-30

 Research your New Deal program for tomorrow, Tuesday April 27th

 Chapter 9 Section 1 # 2,4,5,6 due Wendesday, April 28th 

Week of April 19-23

Writing a Letter About Hardships of the Depression, Due Monday, April 26

Pretend you are an American living during the Great Depression.  Write a letter to the President or First Lady describing the hardships you are enduring during this time period.  Use actual letters written to FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt as a reference as well as Chapter 8 Section 2 from your textbook.

Your letter must have the following:

•    An appropriate date, salutation, and closing.
•    A description of what life is like for you and your family, as well as what it is like for other Americans (possible information to include: unemployment, rural America and the Dust Bowl, family life, minorities)
•    At least four of these words: betrayal, change, depressed, desperation, destitute, dreadful, encourage, honorable, hope, ideals, pride, self-respect, shame, stress, suffer, worth.
•    A conclusion summarizing your thoughts about how ordinary Americans endured the hardships they faced during this time period.

 20 points

Week of April12-16

Read chapter 7 section 4 and complete questions # 1,3,5; Due on Wednesday 4/14

Complete 2 sections of The Twenties Study Guide; Due on Friday 4/16

Twenties Quest is on Friday 4/16!

Week of April 5-9

**WWI Essays are due April 7th.

Feel free to e-mail me rough drafts (However DO NOT wait until the night before to send them to me).