Social Studies Lesson Plan Example

Social Studies  

This lesson was formed and presented in Teaching Elementary Social Studies. 

Grade/Subject: 5th grade, Geography_____ Time Frame: 45 mins, every Hurricane

Lesson Title: East Coast Hurricanes____________________________________


Social Studies SCoS Objectives: Social Studies

1. The learner will apply key geographic concepts to the United States and other countries of North America.

1.01 Describe the absolute and relative location of major landforms, bodies of water, and natural resources in the United States and other countries of North America.

1.02 Analyze how absolute and relative location influence ways of living in the United States and other countries of North America.

1.03 Compare and contrast the physical and cultural characteristics of regions within the United States, and other countries of North America.


Other SCoS Objectives: Math & Language Arts

            4. The learner will understand and use graphs and data analysis.

4.01 Collect, organize, analyze, and display data (including stem-and-leaf plots) to solve problems.

4.02 Compare and contrast different representations of the same data; discuss the effectiveness of each representation.

4.03 Solve problems with data from a single set or multiple sets of data using median, range, and mode.

            1. The learner will apply enabling strategies and skills to read and write.

1.01 Expand and refine vocabulary through knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, roots, derivatives, context clues, and etymologies (word origins) to assist comprehension.

1.02 Select key vocabulary critical to the text and apply appropriate meanings as necessary for comprehension.

1.03 Increase reading and writing vocabulary through.

1.04 Use word reference materials (e.g., glossary, dictionary, thesaurus, online reference tools) to identify and comprehend unknown words.

1.05 Read independently daily from self-selected materials (consistent with the student's independent reading level).



            Students will be able to learn about the current hurricanes of the year. By researching hurricanes, tracking hurricanes, measuring the deposits from the hurricane, learning about the states that will be affected by the hurricane and etc. The students will use numerous references and subjects to learn about the effect of a hurricane on the east coast.



1.     U.S.A Map

2.     Television

3.     News Papers

4.     Hurricane Tracker Hanout

5.     Crayons

6.     Writing Paper

7.     Math Manipulative



1.     On your front chalk board, write “Hurricane (name)” when ready ask the students to tell you something about this particular hurricane. Where is it? What state do you think it will hit? What category is this hurricane? And finally ask them where they are getting their information.

2.     Hurricanes are pretty easy to understand and predict. Tell your students that we are going to make a guess-ta-mation, where and when the hurricane will hit, and what type of hurricane it will be. Throughout the path of the hurricane we will learn more about hurricanes in general and learn how to properly use other resources in the class.

3.     Get the U.S.A map out and post it on a wall. On the map, draw the new hurricane that has been spotted in the Atlantic Ocean. Have the students get out their hurricane tracker and mark the new hurricane.

4.     The first couple days of a hurricane the lesson will be short and not in-depth. However, the more information the National Hurricane Association the more information the class will have for learning. As the hurricane moves, point out the new possibly locations of the hurricane landing and let the students make another prediction. Teach the students about the states that can be influenced by the hurricane. Also, teach the students the safety procedures of a hurricane and what to do when a hurricane hits home.

5.     Hand out a copy of the weather new article that gives information about the hurricane. Ask the students to go through the article and pick out main details of the article that will help them write a short paper on their hurricane.

6.     With a news article as your students to write a short paper (1 page) on the information they have gained about the hurricane. This can be done before the hurricane has hit ground. Guidelines of the paper are name of hurricane, where the hurricane started, when they think it will hit land, how will it affect people in this particular state, and what are some safety procedures when a hurricane comes.

7.     Hand out another copy of a news article on the hurricane and ask them where the hurricane is located now. Give little help.