Physical Education & Health Lesson Plan Example

Physical Education & Health
This lesson was formed and presented in Children's Health, Safety & Nutrition. Physical Education lesson is available upon request.


Grade level: 2nd-4th             Subject: Physical Education & Health             Prepared By: Alina L. Burton


1.       Understand what are germs.

1.1.     Define what are germs.

1.2.     How to disinfect germs.

1.3.     How to properly wash hands.



Teacher Guide




(5 minutes)

·         Ask the students if they know what makes us sick, majority of them will says germs.

·         Have the students work together compile a list of where they believe germs live in the school.

Materials Needed:

·         Music

·         Glo Lotion

·         Black Light

·         Hand wipes



(10 minutes)

·         Read story the Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger.

·         Show the illustrations to the students and show them what the characters are doing in the book that makes them sick and what not to do.

·         Hand out worksheets of different types of germs; bacteria, and viruses are the most common.

·         Also, have each individual student pick an AR book if possible that’s subject is about sickness or germs.



(10-15 Minutes)

·         Turn on some background music.

·         Gather the students together at the sink. Have them wash there hand thoroughly. After their hands are completely dry have them put some Glo Lotion on their hands.

·         Throughout the day have the students stay to their usual routine, however do not let them wash their hands. After an hour or two have passed bring the students to the floor. Turn off all the lights and turn on a black light.

o   As you will see, their hands will glow, where germs are living on their hands.

o   Also, take the black light around the classroom and see any areas around the classroom glow.



(5 Minutes)

·         After every student have seen the results of the Glo Lotion have a discussion time, particular about how to kill germs on their hands and classroom.

·         To get the students involved in the cleaning process teach them the proper way of washing hands. Singing “Happy Birthday” two times is a fun and recommended way. After all the students have washed their hands, go around the classroom and clean the classroom.

·         After disinfecting is done, turn off the lights again and turn the black light on. Do you see a change? Are there still germs?

Instructional Materials:

·         Germs Make Me Sick by Melvin Berger..

·         Worksheets

Daily Project


(10 minutes)

·         Have each student choose one activity from below and work on within the last minutes of the lesson.

o   Write a paragraph of the events of germs on their hands & classroom. Drawing a picture of today’s occurrence is recommended.

o   Create a “How to guide” on cleaning your hands or classroom. Drawing a picture of today’s proceedings is recommended.


·         Following instructions of hand washing and cleaning the classroom

·         Observations

·         Daily Project

Total Time of Lesson:


40-45 Minutes