My Journey to Education

My interest in education started while attending high school during a community service course with my former fourth grade teacher. My time spent there convinced me to pursue a career in education, which developed further through a variety of placements during college. In May 2008, I received my Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. I also minored in special education and reading while attending the university. I then taught for a year and decided to return to classes at Kutztown University to finish my special education certification, which I completed in December 2009. I also earned my mid-level math and science certifications along the way. 

I was able to gain a good deal of experience during a long term substitute position in which I co-taught four math/learning support classes along with teaching a pull-out math class. Math is one of my favorite subjects and this was a tremendous time for me to be able to teach others the fun in learning math. I built upon that experience during the summer while teaching autistic support for an extended school year program. I incorporated math, science, and language arts learning centers for the students there. Some of their favorite centers were the science experiments we performed about air pressure.  

My most recent teaching experience was as the Students Meeting Learning Standards Teacher in an elementary school. In that position, I taught an extended kindergarten program for students who have not reached their phonemic awareness goals. I also led before-school math clubs and PSSA preparation classes. At other periods throughout the day, I was a push-in writing and math co-teacher. 

Moreover, I have had experience teaching pre-k in the past, which has served as a wonderful classroom management training tool, among many other skills I gained during that period of time. My varied experiences, coupled with my education, give me confidence in my ability to perform effectively in elementary, mid-level and special education programs.

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