Academic Strategies I and II


  Ms. Allen

St. Pius X High School

Academic Strategies I/II

Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, SPX is launching an eco-friendly initiative; in keeping with this environmental focus, my Academic Strategies course descriptions, classroom guidelines, and class calendar are posted on my Teacher Pages, not in print form.

Because review of course guidelines and calendar is a requirement and constitutes the students' first daily grade, I am requesting that parents/guardians email me confirmation of this completed review by Friday, August 19 (

Internet/computer/technology issues sometime happen to all of us; print copies of the course description, classroom guidelines, and course calendar will be available in the classroom.

Academic Strategies Calendar 

Ms. Allen

St. Pius X High School


Academic Strategies

Course Guidlines


Teacher:              Ms. Allen

Course:                Academic Strategies

Room:                   Learning Center

Phone:                 713.692.3581 X 142

E-mail:         (e-mail please)

Tutorials:             Monday- Thursday 3:10- 4:00 by appointment


Supplies:              1” inch binder


                                Loose leaf paper

                                Blue or black pens (have with student each class)



                                3x5 cards


Class Conduct Rules:                       Follow St. Pius X school rules

                                                                Be on time

                                                                Be prepared

                                                                Be respectful of others

                                                                Participate in class discussions


Grade Weighting:            Projects:                    40%

                                               Time Trackers:        20%

                                               Tutorials:                  20%

      Quizzes:                      15%

      Participation:              5%


*Late Work:       Students are expected to work conscientiously at his or her own pace.


Classroom Procedures:                 Students will enter the classroom in a quiet manner and will sit in their designated seating arrangements at the beginning of each class. Students are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen. All students are expected to participate in classroom activities and discussions.


Course Mission:                Each individual student will explore a variety of academic strategies to indentify and implement his or her most effective methods of study and learning styles while focusing on their current St. Pius X academic plan of study.