Oregon Trail

Only The Strong Will Survive.

Are YOU Strong Enough?

covered wagon


The Oregon Trail was seen as a pathway to a new life. It spread 2,000 miles from Missouri to Oregon. Men, women, and children made the trek westward in the mid nineteenth century. There are many reasons why they made the journey but "Oregon fever" spread fast. As a young boy or girl in Missouri, life is simple and you are unaware of the obstacles that will be in your path. To make it on the trail you need to be strong and smart. You will face hardships and devastation as you continue westward to your final destination, the Willamette Valley. Are you strong enough?

Are you tired of your parents nagging you about playing video games or watching too much television? Do they want you to study but you want to have fun? Now you can do both!


Find two other strong, motivated, and couragous partners. Your job is to develop a board game to help other students realize the dangers of traveling on the Oregon Trail. Your game must include a title, directions on how to play your game, what is included in your game box (i.e dice, game pieces, cards, or batteries) and how a winner is determined. I will provide your group with one poster board to be used as the game board. Make your game board fun, exciting, and colorful. You will be graded on creativity, neatness, and your understanding of the journey on the trail. Although the options are limitless, your game must include at least 4 historical events, 4 significant people, and 4 significant points of interest that shaped your life on the trail.  Have fun!