How to Activate Zeus Network on Different Devices?

The Zeus network was introduced in July 2018 and was founded by influencers like King Bach, Amanda Cerny, American actor DeStorm Power and TV producer Lemuel Plummer. The Zeus network can be defined as an influencer-based streaming service and can be accessed via a monthly or annual subscription.

How to Activate Zeus Network?

This network is available on numerous streaming devices which include Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. The users are required to activate Zeus Network on their devices first. Here are the steps to activate the same on different devices mentioned below:

Apple TV:

Your device must be 4th generation or higher and tvOS11 or greater to support the Zeus network. The following steps are-

  1. Turn on the TV and navigate to the app store,

  2. Search for the Zeus app and install the application on your device,

  3. Open the app and Sign In. After signing in Zeus will provide you with an activation code.

  4. Use another device and go to www.thezeusnetwork/activate and enter the code.

  5. Now reboot the app to enjoy streamings on Zeus.


It is easy to activate Zeus on Roku only if the user has a stable wifi connection and a valid subscription. The following steps are:

  1. Open your TV connected to Roku,

  2. Press the home button and select streaming channels,

  3. Find Zeus network on the search bar,

  4. Select add the channel. Then the Zeus app will be installed on your device,

  5. Launch and LogIn On Zeus, then you will get the activation code.

  6. Use another device and go to and enter the code, and enjoy the Zeus on Roku.