What are the major Benefits of using natural argan oil and organic olive oil?

Most all organic olive oil today is extracted from extra virgin olive oil trees grown in the Mediterranean region. As this oil is so common, when discussing organic olive oil, generally this is going to be a premium extra virgin grade. This extra virgin oil is the purest form of olive oil and the pre-refined, unpolluted, purest form of olive oil available on earth.

When purchasing organic olive oil, it's critical to understand the certification process used. The most stringent organic olive oil certification process involves only a small number of steps. First, the olive must be handpicked to remove any scales or any pests. The olive then undergoes a cold pressing process to extract the oil without any of the damaging pesticides commonly found in industrial productions.

After the pressed olives are free of pesticides, they are then washed and rinsed to remove any residue from the pesticides. Cold water is used to rinse the olives to remove any remaining traces of pesticides as well as any dirt or dust particles. Then, they are left to dry naturally. Once this process is complete, they are sealed in air tight bags and stored at - a relative humidity of zero.

It's important to note that organic olive oil production goes much further than cold pressing. During this harvesting, the farmers actually route the olives in the ground to loosen the skin of the olive tree. This allows the farmer more access to the seed inside the olive fruit for replanting. This process also allows the farmer greater control over the growing conditions and climate of the crop he/she is trying to grow. In addition, it's important to note that this type of farming uses far less water, helping to drastically reduce the impact on global warming.

While it is true that organic certifying involves a great deal of work, it must be said that the benefits far outweigh the work involved. For one, farmers growing olives using this method don't have the use of harmful pesticides that regular farmers rely on. This provides an additional benefit of reducing global warming due to less soil erosion due to excessive use of pesticides. If more people would adopt this way of growing their own olives then the world could easily regain its natural balance, leading to an eventual recovery from the catastrophic environmental damage we've already witnessed.

Organic olive oil comes in several grades such as Extra Virgin, Pure Virgin, and Regular. Extra Virgin is the highest grade available, containing approximately eighty percent less fat and zero chemical additives than regular olive oils. Pure Virgin is the lowest grade but is typically reserved for use on foods that are highly perishable like ice cream and dry breads. Regular grades like Extra and Regular contain no chemical additives.



How you can make Your Eye Lash Grow Longer and Thicker With certified Organic Castor Oil -

In the list of best moisturizers, you will find one product that has proven to be effective and beneficial - organic Castor oil. It is also very important to note that it is produced from organic compounds, making it safe for your skin. It comes with a unique formulation that offers protection against sun damage, helps in the treatment of various skin disorders, including scars and stretch marks, reduces wrinkles, improves texture of the skin and nourishes your dermis. Top of the line brands are the ones that contain a blend of different ingredients such as seaweed, vitamins, anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C, E, lipids, proteins, natural extracts and a host of others.

At the top of the list is a particularly beneficial organic Castor oil developed by the renowned sky oils brand based in Kerala, India called as Organic Hawaiian Castor Oil. The product is available at a very reasonable price and comes in several bottles. This organic Castor oil also comes with a unique formulation which provides protection against sun damage, helps in the treatment of various skin disorders, reduces wrinkles, improves texture of the skin and nourishes the dermis.

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For your eyes, there is another organic Castor oil with a similar formula that can be applied along the length of your lashes to keep them moisturized. To use this oil, just take a small amount (around 2 ml) and apply it along your lashes starting from the base of the lashes and ending at the outer edge. Thereafter, there are few quick steps that you need to follow to keep your eyelashes moist such as the following: a. clean your mascara wand with warm water to remove any traces of mascara; b. apply the organic Castor oil to your lashes; c. let the oil to coat your lashes; and d. wait for a few minutes. If you would like to know more about where these products are available and how you can get them then you can check various online sites such as http://allyorganic.com.