3rd grade homework is meant be done independently with little help from adults. Students at this age should be completing homework for no more than 30 minutes each night with a 20 minute independent reading block as well. Please look over your child’s homework and help correct mistakes, redo if it is sloppy, or just review. If homework ever becomes too challenging or is taking longer than 30 minutes, please see me and we will adjust as necessary. You can also contact me regarding homework by leaving a note tucked into the pencil pouch in the binder.

Students will keep their homework in their homework binder. The homework binder should go back and forth between home and school each day. This binder will become a valuable resource and will grow as the year progresses. Please use the resources in the binders to help with homework, review work or concepts, and just keep up with current work.


Complete math homework each day and return it the next morning in your homework binder.

Practice memorizing multiplication facts each day. Please see me if you need flash cards.



Complete spelling pages and return it in your homework folder on Friday. Leave dictation sentences activity blank. This is your test on Friday.



Complete reading activity page/s and return in your homework folder on Friday.

Read your AR book for 20 minutes each night and bring it to school each day.



Extra homework activities could include online math review games, practicing multiplication facts, or additional reading