Belkin Router Not Connecting to Internet

Belkin routers are an amazing device that gives flawless work in customer’s projects or for any business organizations. It is a sharing component that aids to transfer valuable data from one route to another.

Such routers device helps to connect more one or two devices in a specific network in a same time. This enjoys various users working with flawless network without any error.

We describe some of a few steps that how to troubleshoot if your Belkin router unable to connect via the internet or a cable modem? Let us give a look, what steps do we required? Belkin routers bring a stunning speed along with excellent internet connectivity.

If unable to accessible the Wi-Fi network or not getting proper connection in a real time then follow these instructions and solve an issue 

why my Belkin router not connecting to a cable modem or an internet?

Let us give a look on this below solution:

Method to Troubleshoot Belkin Router Connectivity Issues to the Internet:

With the help of using an Ethernet cable get to connect it with your Belkin routers and see how easy to get fix this internet connection in a router device.

  1. Users can easily indicate an Ethernet jack which is available behind the rear of your Belkin router. Usually a user can find a jack at the top of a router page as in White color on a Belkin router device.
  2. Now connect a Ethernet cable to that jack on a Belkin router. After this plug its other end into a port of a PC device. Wait for at least 3-5 minutes to establish a new connection between the two devices.
  3. Then open any one web browser into a computer device and type IP into a web address bar field. Then hit a enter key. Now it helps to open a Belkin web page on your router system screen. If in case, a screen unable to load a page, then reset a Windows TCP/IP settings in a right way.
  4. At the top of a right side page, select to login a screen of a Belkin router web page. This asks Belkin router default password. If you’ve created a login credentials and save then entered into the blank password or otherwise leave the password field as blank. Click on a login tab.
How to Reset Windows TCP/IP Settings of a Belkin Router
  1. Select to click a start button.
  2. Into a start search box, type CMD. Give one right click to CMD into a field of a windows search result. And then choose Run as administrator to get open a command prompt that is the next step.
  3. Now enter a command as “netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt” and hit a enter key.
  4. At last, you need to restart a PC device, when it asks as instantly.

The other way to check internet connections in Belkin routers is, make sure that you’re accessible to the Wi-Fi connections and it is activated your account. If an account will not be activated then ask to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

They will check your internet connections and then take the procedure in the right process. It may also encounter an error. Get the best resolutions as described above that may produce speedy internet connections at once and now you can easily connect with more than one or two connections.

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