How to Connect Samsung Printer to wifi

In this advanced world, there is an increase in the usage of the printer. Whether students are submitting their reports or their projects. With this advancement in the way of learning, there is also an advancement in the ways of connecting printers. Now, there is no need for the cables to connect the printer. If you are having a wireless connection, then you can connect the printers via WiFi as well. In this article, we will learn How to connect Samsung Printer to WiFi, but this could apply to other printers as well with minor changes.

Steps for Samsung Printer WiFi Setup

You can connect the Samsung Printer to Wifi using three ways:

  • Using WPS button
  • Using WiFi Direct 
  • Using Setup Wizard

Therefore, the Samsung Printer WiFi setup will be explained in detail for all three methods, and first, we will do it for the WPS button, as it is the easiest one.

Samsung Printer WiFi Setup using WPS Button

Some of the routers don’t use the WPS button. But, if there is a WPS button on your router, then you can easily connect your printer to the WiFi, as it will let you connect to the WiFi network, even without filling up any credentials. This is the reason, it is used to be called the WiFi Protected Setup. For setting up with this method, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Press the WPS button on your printer and router, for few seconds.

Step 2: After few seconds, like 2-3 seconds, the light that is blinking will change signifying, you have successfully connected Samsung Printer to WiFi using WPS Method.

As you can see, it is the easiest method, just consisting of one simple step, but it is not possible for all the routers. Hence, you can follow up the further method i.e. connecting the Samsung printer using Wifi direct.

Samsung Printer WiFi Setup using WiFi Direct

If you are not able to connect Samsung Printer to WiFi via the following method, then you can connect it using. This method also consists of 4-5 steps, hence not that much tricky, and we will make it easy for you in simple language.

Step 1: Samsung printers usually have this feature of WiFi direct to connect to the WiFi. Therefore, look for the WiFi Direct menu that will be present on your printer.

Step 2: All the available WiFi devices that can connect to the printer will appear in the list in the printer. The devices being appeared on the list will have the wireless symbol adjacent to them.

Step 3: Click on the WiFi device symbol with which you want to connect the Samsung Printer.

Step 4: The prompt will ask you for the WiFi password in order to connect. Enter the details, and you have successfully connected the Samsung Printer to WiFi.

Still, you are not to find the WiFi Direct button on your password, you can opt for the last method which would work for sure.

Samsung Printer WiFi Setup using Setup Wizard

If no other method works for you then this method will surely work, as there are negligible chances for any error or issue.

Step 1: Connect the Samsung Printer to the system/laptop with the help of a USB cable.

Step 2: From the official website of Samsung, download the latest version of the driver for the Samsung Printer.

Step 3: It will open the Setup Wizard, follow-up the on-screen instructions, and in the end, it will show up the option, “Connect via WiFi”.

Step 4: Fill up the correct credentials for your desired network and click OK. Disconnect the USB cable from the system and printer. Now, you have successfully done the Samsung Printer WiFi Setup.

Therefore, with these three methods, you can successfully connect Samsung Printer to WiFi. If still, you are facing any issue, and want to troubleshoot the printer connection, then we are here to help you out. You can contact your experts who will resolve your problem step by step with ease.

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