How to Setup the MG2522 Canon Pixma Printer

Canon Pixma Printer MG2522 is setup within the following approach, Please connect the printer and pill to the printer, with USB, once association is completed. The printer driver is mechanically detected. Please register the Canon printer with Canon Inkjet Utility. Please choose your printer within the choose model screen. Canon Printer drivers ar enclosed in Windows RT. 
Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Setup:
The Canon Wireless Setup for the dead one printer with scan and duplicate functions, This printer is connected with the USB. sadly the Canon Pixma 2522 doesn't have associate enablement of wireless association in in-built it. 
The Canon Pixma MG2522 printer comes with a particular printer driver that once put in may be connected to the {wifi|wireless local ara network|WLAN|wireless fidelity|WiFi|local area network|LAN} within the following approach the steps are as follows, Press the ability button it comes within the on mode. Please faucet and hold the wireless local area network button, it's once the wireless local area network lamp starts blinking. Press the black button, once more press the wireless local area network button, till the network lamp flashes.


Once you get the Canon Pixma Printer, MG2522 printer from the manufacturer please check it's sealed properly. Please unpack the printer parts provided in it take away the packaging terial from the printer. Place the printer on a flat surface, quit the protecting tapes from the printer, connect the ability chord to the Canon MG2522 Setup and make sure the power provide goes through, turn on the printer by clicking the ability button, Please open the front head of the printer currently insert the cartridge, Please insert the cartridge within the various slot. Please load enough paper within the slot with the printer and therefore the input receptacle, print a take a look at page in order that you'll be able to assess that the printer is setup fittingly. 

How to Install the Canon Pixma Printer Driver for MG2522: 
Please double click and transfer the Canon Pixma Printer computer code, on your desktop or portable computer, If the motive force file is zipped, please unfasten a similar. choose the association methodology supported the model of the pc, please conform to the terms and conditions by facultative a similar within the checkbox. Please undergo the rules on the screen, please click on the end button to end the installation method.