Earth & Space

Earth and Space

What you need to know:

 The student understands the vast size of our Solar System and the relationship of the planets and their satellites.  SC.E.1.3.1 AA 
 The student knows that available data from various satellite probes show the similarities and differences among planets and their moons in the Solar System.  SC.E.1.3.2 
 The student understands that our sun is one of many stars in our galaxy.  SC.E.1.3.3 
 The student knows that stars appear to be made of similar chemical elements, although they differ in age, size, temperature, and distance.  SC.E.1.3.4 
 The student knows that thousands of other galaxies appear to have the same elements, forces, and forms of energy found in our Solar System.  SC.E.2.3.1 
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