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Alyson Hahn’s Biology Class Course Outline
 Sophomore Biology
Fall Semester 2011 
Credits:  1 Science Credit Course Objectives:After completing this course students will be able to: 
-describe the the stages of mitotic and meiotic reproduction
- describe the role of mitotic and meiotic division during growth and repair of cells. 
Assessment:Each lesson section includes a set of multiple choice review questions, which are completed 
and graded with immediate feedback. There is a multiple choice quiz at the end of each chapter. 
Course Prerequisites-8th grade pre-algebra course and general scienceThe Biology course involves the 
scientific study of living organisms. The course considers the interactions among the vast number of 
organisms that inhabit planet Earth. It presents the basic form and function of these organisms, from 
cells to organ systems, from simple viruses to complex humans. It delves into interactions between 
organisms, and between an organism and its environment. It also looks into how biotechnology is used
 to improve our health and daily lives. Course OverviewThe following topics are covered by the Biology 
course: basic chemistry; the structure, organization, and energetics of the cell; genetics; evolution; 
taxonomy; microorganisms; fungi; plant biology; animal biology; environmental biology. 
Course Objectives
First Semester -
Week 1: Cellular Growth
Week 2: Mitosis and Cytokinesis
Week 3: Cell Cycle Regulation
Week 4: Meiosis
Week 5: Mendelian Genetics
Week 6: Inheritance Patterns
Week 7: Genetic Diseases