Parents and Students,

On this page I will post a list of homework every Monday.  I will send home a packet of homework at the beginning of the week.  Please have your child do 1 page per night.  Your child can do more than one if you have a busy night but all homework should be back on Friday.  We will check and return all homework in your child’s folder.  Later in the year, your child will have 2 pages per night.  Additionally, I will send home a paper-back book for you and your child to read over the weekend.

This week your child will have homework on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 



 Date:  Assignment:
 Wed. August 31  My First Homework
 Thurs. September 1  My Favorite
 Fri., September 2  Beginning recording in your reading log, Sign Class Rules

 *Remember to record your minutes and try to read EVERY night*