About Me

Hello, I'm Amand Wall and I am proud to be a middle school Language Arts teacher at B. Michael Caudill Middle School in Richmond, KY.  I've been teaching middle school since 1995 and have 11 years of teaching experience.  You may be wondering why those numbers don't add up.  Well, I'm also a proud mommy!  In 2001 my husband and I welcomed Sydney to our family.  After having my daughter, I chose to be a stay-at-home mommy for 4 years.  By the time Sydney was 4, she and I were ready for school.  She began preschool and I went back to teaching.

Originally, I'm from Paintsville, KY. I moved to Lexington to attend Transylvania University after high school and have lived here ever since.  I love it.  I met my husband while in college and we were married on December 31, 1994.  This was just days before I would begin student teaching.  I've always felt that teaching was more than a career choice for me; I believe it is my calling.