Español con la Srta. Maniaci Italiano con la Signorina Maniaci

         Bienvenidos!         Benvenuti!       


             Me llamo Srta. Maniaci.                

                                    Mi chiamo Signorina Maniaci

Hello.  My name is Miss Maniaci and I've been a Spanish and Italian teacher at Cortland High School for 20 plus years.  Cortland High is also the school I graduated from so it's a special place for me.   Foreign languages aren't so foreign to me as I've been surrounded by them my entire life.  My parents spoke only in Italian to me while I was growing up and it truly was my first language.  As a small child I learned English from friends in the neighborhood, from watching television and then in kindergarten.  I was bilingual at quite a young age.  There were many people in the city of Cortland at that time who spoke little or no English and there were many times that the pricipal of Randall school (yes, I'm a Randall School alumni!) would call me to the office to help translate a conversation between him and an Italian parent.  I enbarked on a language career at a very young age!

In high school I began to study Spanish.  I loved it.  I found that I had an interest in languages and thanks to my parents who were my first language teachers, I found that learning a second language was pretty easy.  I continued to study Spanish in college too and I spend a sememster abroad in Salamanca, Spain.  Along the way I have studied other languages like Latin, French and German.  They were all fun, but not all were easy, so I understand the frustration of studying languages along with the joy.

It is my hope that you will enjoy my classes.  It is also my hope that these web pages will enhance your learning. 

If you or a parent needs to contact me you can do so in one of two ways.  Call the high school at (607) 758-4110  or email me at: