Amazon Package Lost

The lost package outer hard drive on amazon account can continue when there are secured records in the refuse. Utilizing the Terminal, you can eliminate these bolted documents. At the point when the rubbish becomes unfilled, this blunder code will quit showing up on your amazon account.  To apply this fix, you can execute the 9 stages appeared here. 

1. Visit the "Locater" application on your amazon account. 

2. The third step is to tap on "Applications". 

3. Presently, you need to tap on "Lost Package. 

4. Start the "Terminal" as the executive. 

5. Enter the order introduced as follows. This order will help in opening the documents. 

6. Compose your record's secret word when you are provoked to do as such. 

7. Run the "amazon" application. At that point pick each record in it. For this, you can tap the "Order" key with the "package" key. 

8. From the "Refuse" drag the documents into the "Package". As another option, you can press the symbol of "Lost" multiple times for cleaning them.