Package Not Delivered ?

The amazon package not delivered records are reserve documents. Package these documents are covered up. Of course, these records can exist. Additionally, the not delivered can make these through Finder and store them in the indexes of your

At the point when the mistake a day and a half happens because of these documents, you can consider erasing them. 

1. Open the "Locater" application on your Mac. 

2. Snap on the alternative of "Go". 

3. In the spring up menu, press "Utilities". 

4. At the point when you see the "Terminal" utility, click twice on it. 

5. Type in the "Director" secret word, in the event that it is required. 

6. Enter the order given underneath in the "package Not Delivered". 

7. Hit the "Return" key. 

8. The interaction to eliminate the "package" records will start. 

9. You might be incited to compose the "Deliver" secret word once more. Compose it and tap "Alright". 

10. After the interaction is finished, rebooting your Amazon account will be required.