Safety on the Internet

What should you do to be safe when using Emails and the Internet


  • Do not open spam mail.

 These types of emails could contain viruses or other encrypting information.

  • Do not open unknown attachments.

Unknown attachments can have a virus and the sender may not even have known.  

  • Do not share your passwords with anyone.

Sharing passwords is a bad idea.  If other people have access to your information, it could fall into the

wrong hands.  

  • Keep all your passwords in a secure place.

By always keeping your passwords secure, you are protecting the most valuable thing you have, yourself.

  •  Change your passwords regularly.

 Be sure to keep that information written down in a secure place when the passwords have been changed.



  Internet Safety  

Keeping safe on the internet is a must for all,  young and old.  Follow these tips and be internet aware.

  • Never meet someone from the internet alone.  

Weather you met through a chat room, a social media site, or just by random.  Always take caution and meet in a public place and preferably with a friend.

  • Do not give out personal information online.

No matter how well you feel you know someone, do not give out your personal information.  Not all servers are safe.

  • Parents need to have all access.

No matter how young or old you are, a parent or legal adult needs to have access to your accounts to help monitor them. 



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