Literacy Resources

Here is an article on how using digital storytelling will help ESL students. It gives you guidelines to follow and items to think about when creating a digital story.



This year I went to a conference about ESL students and had the opportunity to meet Mike Lockett.  He’s a great storyteller and demonstrated several ways you could use storytelling to help your ESL students learn vocabulary and develop listening and speaking skills as well.  On his website you will find a wide range of information that can be used in the classroom.  He has information and activities related to storytelling (he gives you information on how to make the story come to live and be creative) and you will also find links to videos of him telling stories.  There is a lot of resources available resources to be found on his website.  With this week’s reading about storytelling I thought this would be a good website for  people to explore.  You could use the stories he has on his website and use them in the classroom to teach certain vocabulary words. He talks about how you could change out vocabulary words from the stories to words that you want to teach your students as well.