Cold War Scavenger Hunt

Cold War Scavenger Hunt

The Cold War - Following the links below

1. Soviets Cut Off Allies' Supplies
_______________In 1948 the Soviets tried to drive the Allies out of West Berlin by cutting off their supplies. The Allies' response is shown in these photos. What was that response called?
2. UN Commander Photo
_______________Here's a photo of President Truman meeting with the commander of UN forces in Korea. What was that commander's name?
3. Korean War Photos
________________Scroll down through these photos of the Korean War (click to enlarge). Write down the title of one which you think is especially interesting.
4. The Superpowers "Scorecard"
_______________Here's a Cold War "scorecard" showing the gains and losses of the two Cold War superpowers. (Click button to enlarge.) What does the chart say was the outcome of the Korean War?
5. The Cold War Heats Up!
_______________As the Cold War got hotter, Americans feared a nuclear war. One of the most awesome weapons was the U.S. nuclear missile pictured here in an underground silo. What was its name?
6. The Nuclear Deterrence
________________U.S. nuclear weapons aimed at the Soviet Union could be delivered in three ways: by airplanes, by land-based missiles, and by _?_. (Click on photo for a closer look.)
7. Children Learn Frightening Phrase
______________During the Cold War, fear of nuclear war was widespread. Children were taught how to react if a nuclear bomb fell nearby. What phrase were they taught?
8. Cold War Action Heroes!
_______________The Cold War even produced comic books! Name one of the action heroes shown here on these 1950's comic book covers.
9. How High The Wall?
_____________Scroll through these photos (click to enlarge) of the Berlin Wall. About how tall do you think the wall was?
10. The Cuban Missile Crisis
_____________The worst Cold War crisis occurred in October, 1961 - the "Cuban Missile Crisis." The leader of the Soviet Union during that crisis is shown here. What was his last name?
11. He Led Us Through the Cuban Missile Crisis
____________Here's a photo of the U.S. president during the Cuban Missile Crisis. What was his name?
12. The Marines Land at DaNang
____________The Cold War's next big crisis took place in Vietnam. In what year did the first US combat troops arrive in Vietnam?
13. US Troop Strength Increases
____________Here's a chart showing the growing numbers of U.S. soldiers sent to fight in Vietnam. In which year did the number of US troops in Vietnam exceed 500,000?
14. Troop Transport Aircraft
____________During the Vietnam War, this type of aircraft was widely used to transport soldiers into battle. What is it?

15. A Young Soldier Dies
_______________This young soldier was killed in the Vietnam War. How old was he when he died in battle?
16. Heartbreaking Statistics
_______________ In which year were the number of soldiers killed in Vietnam at the highest level?

A Great Day in History!
_______________Here's a timeline on the Berlin Wall and a photograph of its fall. In what year was the wall opened, reuniting East & West Germany?

18. Finally - The Cold War Ends!
________________Here's a photo of the leaders who brought the Cold War to an end in 1992. (Click to enlarge) President Reagan is signing a treaty with the leader of the Soviet Union. What is his last name?