JOHN ESSEX HIGH SCHOOL: SCIENCE ROOM 19 Teacher: Mrs. Ashley Brock                                                                Email: Dear Parents/Guardians,            I am very excited about having parents and students involved in science class this year.  I feel that science is best learned with a hands-on approach; therefore, it will be a very active semester in science with many labs and activities. Students are expected to spend time at home reviewing and studying information from class.  You should be able to see all general information in this syllabus.  Please read through the syllabus with your child.  It will be beneficial if both parents and students know what is in store and what is expected for the upcoming school year.  Also, the class website will be a very valuable resource for class information and upcoming events such as due dates and tests.  It is going to take the cooperation of the students, parents/guardians, and teachers for us to have a successful semester.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child. Grading System:  Student performance will be measured through a variety of assignments including class work, homework, projects, tests, and labs.  Grades will be assigned using the point system.  Students are encouraged to keep track of all of the grades they receive.              A         100-90                                                  Tests/Quizzes & Projects                       60%            B          89-80                                                    Labs, Classwork, Homework                 40%            C          79-70            D         69-60            F          59-below Each student will begin the semester with a 200/200 for a Participation grade. Students will lose points on this grade by being tardy, skipping class, not bringing proper materials to class, talking, being disruptive, being disrespectful, and major discipline offenses. At the end of each nine weeks, your participation grade will be placed into the grade book as a final project grade.  Whether it is a 200/200 or a 0/200 will be each student’s decision.  The form I will be using to document the participation grades is attached. Notebooks: Students will need a 3-ring binder for science class that is divided into 4 sections: Class Information,  Notes, Daily Work, and Lab.   Late and Make-Up Work:  Late work is NOT accepted.  When work is turned in late without an excused absence, the student will receive a zero.  Projects will lose ten points for each day they are late.  If you have an excused absence and miss work, you need to sign your name to the day you missed on the make-up calendar.  I will have your make up work to you the next day.  Please get any missed notes from a classmate.  The student, NOT the teacher, is responsible for getting make-up work.  Students should do so before class begins.    Classroom Materials:                                                                                     Optional:            Pens and Pencils (Blue and Black ink pens only)                                     Scotch Tape*Pencils will be needed when using math.                                   Kleenex            Paper                                                                                                   Dry Erase Markers            Calculator                                                                                            

            Colored Pencils                                                                          One 3-ring Binder            4 Tabbed Dividers            One Roll of Paper Towels for Lab Activities Discipline Plan: There are 3 rules in the science classroom.1.       Be RESPECTFULa.       Follow all instructions.b.       Be considerate of classmates.c.       Use polite and appropriate language.2.       Be RESPONSIBLEa.       Bring all materials to class.b.       Keep your area clean.c.       Keep up with assignments and due dates.3.       Be READYa.       Be on time.b.       Be prepared for class to begin.c.       Move quickly to your seat. Failure to comply by these rules will result in the following consequences:1.       Nonverbal Warning2.       Verbal Warning3.       Student/Teacher Conference4.       Parent Contact5.       Parent Conference6.       Office Referral Consequences will be given accordingly to the severity of the violation.  All school and system rules also apply.             I hope to be in contact with you soon.  I am extremely excited about having your child in my class.  We are going to have a great year and I am anxious to get to know all of you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me either by phoning the school and leaving a message or sending an email.  I will be happy to talk with you and will respond as soon as possible.  I will have an email list for parents that I will use to send reminders of due dates, test dates, etc.  Please provide your email address below if you would like to be on this list. Thank you,  Mrs. Brock 

John Essex High School

(334) 289-3504  After you have read this syllabus, please complete the information below and return it by Friday, August 8. 2008. Student Name (please print) ____________________________________ Period _____________ Student Signature _______________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name(s) (please print) ______________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Phone Number(s) _____________________(day) ___________________(cell) Parent/Guardian Email Address ____________________________________________________