Lab Safety Contract

Laboratory Safety Contract Safety in the science laboratory is the #1 priority for students, teachers, and parents.  To ensure all people safety in the classroom, a list of rules has been provided.  These rules must be followed at all times.  Two copies of this contract will be provided.  One copy must be signed by you and your parent/guardian before you can participate in the laboratory.  The second copy will be kept in your science notebook as a constant reminder of the safety rules.  To ensure a safe and healthful environment, all students should read and follow the safety regulations listed below. 
  1. I will not misbehave in the laboratory or play with the laboratory equipment or materials.  I will not engage in behavior that is disruptive or dangerous or that interferes with another student’s right to learn.  I will act only in ways that support a positive learning environment for everyone.
  2. I will protect my eyes, face, and hands while engaging in lab activities by wearing safety goggles and, when needed, gloves or other protective gear.  This includes holding back long hair.
  3. I will work only at my assigned station.  While I understand that it is important to support other members in learning (i.e. helping them out), I will not interfere in another person’s attempt to figure out solutions on their own.
  4. I will follow all written and oral instructions.  I will wait until I receive my teacher’s permission to begin a lab activity.
  5. I will not carry out unassigned lab experiments without my teacher’s permission.
  6. I will not eat, drink, or taste anything in the laboratory.  This includes food and drink as well as chemicals.
  7. I will wash my hands thoroughly after using chemicals and lab equipment.  When using chemicals, I will not touch my mouth, lips, or eyes until after I have washed my hands.
  8. I will calmly report any injury or accident immediately to my teacher and wait for instructions on what to do.  I will not handle the fire extinguisher or pick up broken glass.
 *Note: Failure to comply with the safety regulations will result in reduction of your lab grade.  If you are not safe, you cannot successfully complete a lab. I have read and agree to abide by the safety regulations as set forth above and also by any additional printed instructions provided by the teacher.  I further agree to follow all other written and verbal instructions given in class.  I understand that failure to comply with these rules may result in me being removed from the class and that I will lose credit for the work that is done while I am out of the class.  __________________________________________________        ______________________Student Signature                                                                                  Date  I have read this safety contract and understand what is expected out of my child during science laboratory activities.  __________________________________________________        ______________________Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                     Date