Below you will find a guide that gives helpful information to how things are structured in my classroom.

Classroom Management:

I use Rick Morris' classroom management. During the first week of school, your child will be assigned a student number that will be used for everything in the classroom including grades, supplies, field trips, procedures and behavior.

I will be implementing the clip chart system. This is how it works:

Outstanding                    7 points

Great Job                       6 points

Good Day                         5 points

Ready to Learn               4 points

Think About It                3 points

Teacher Choice                2 points

Parent Contact                 1 point

Your child will be graded daily as well as weekly. I will divide up the number of points earned by the total number of points to get their weekly grade. For example:

Im A Student    Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday Thursday Friday

                          5               3               6                7             2

The total maximum number of points Im A Student could have earned is 35 (8 was the highest score times 5 days in the week). She earned 24 points in the week. Then I would divide 23/35 to get 66.

Your child would need to strive for the higher levels to get a better grade. There are