Ms. Childers' 11th Grade US History Class

Ms. Childers' 11th Grade US History Class 

Welcome Class!

I have provided our goal and objectives for the first few weeks of class in case you are interested. Prior to this goal, I will include a small amount of information regarding native cultures in America to ease into the topic of The New Nation. I would like to extend a very large THANK YOU to each and every one of you for attending open house! I will continue to update this daily when necessary throughout the semester so please check back often for important information regarding our US History Class.

P.S. Parents, please check out the parent page for information about the upcoming semester.

-Ms. Childers Smile

Goal 1 (NCSOS)

The New Nation (1789-1820) - The learner will identify, investigate, and assess the effectiveness of the institutions of the emerging republic.

Objective 1.01
Identify the major domestic issues and conflicts experienced by the nation during the Federalist Period.
Objective 1.02
Analyze the political freedoms available to the following groups prior to 1820: women, wage earners, landless farmers, American Indians, African Americans,and other ethnic groups.
Objective 1.03
Assess commercial and diplomatic relationships with Britain, France, and other nations.