Honduras food is similar to the food in many other Central American nations. I have included some of my own Honduras recipes to give you a 'taste' of Honduras food. 
First, tortillas. And then, more tortillas. Tortillas are an every day staple, just as bread is in North America.

? Second, beans. Beans come in all colors but in Honduras, the food usually included red or black ("turtle" for those familiar with Caribbean cooking). Beans and tortillas. The country of Honduras runs on these foods.

? Rice. Many "blue plate specials" will have rice on them.

? A salad of some sort is often served with your food in Honduras. Frequently, it will be a shredded cabbage, a few slices of carrots, and moistened with a light oil/vinegar (hint of sugar) dressing.

? Meat (inland), fish (North Coast or Bay Islands), or salty white cheese (salt has preservative qualities in a country with less than perfect refrigeration). The average Honduran can not afford these type of food luxuries. Salsas grace every good table and often spice up the food. 

Ceiba Ceviche - A light appetizer from my favorite Honduran city, La Ceiba
Tortillas - Simple. No more store-bought, cardboard-tasting tortillas!
Baleadas - Simpler yet. Use the tortilla and fill away!
Green Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Feta Cheese - a delightful surprise
Ground Nut Soup - interesting soup from Twisted Tanya's restaurant in Copan Ruinas
San Pedro Sula Simmered Beef - a typical pepper based, simmered beef
Fried Platanos - Twelve minutes to heaven with plantains
Fish with Garlic
Black Bean Soup
Preparing Conch
Spaghetti Con Pollo (Central American Chicken and Spaghetti)
Chicken and Potatoes With Tomato Sauce (Pollo Sudado)
Oven Baked Sweet Plantains


The Copan Ruins are located in the western part of Honduras, about 60 kilometers from the border with Guatemala. Copan - known as Xukpi to the Maya - was the dominant Mayan city in the south of their territory. Its rich stone sculptures and intricate hieroglyphs make Copan a feature attraction along "La Ruta Maya".