A Scottish general who starts out the play as someone who seems loyal and good hearted yet the tables are quickly turned after hearing the witches' predictions. He becomes too greedy and ambitious and kills King Duncan in order to steal his crown and become king himself. After he commits his first murder, he continues down that vicious path and killing others along the way in order to try and protect himself. However as seen in the beginning of the play, Macbeth realizes his errors and his guilt continually haunts him.

Lady Macbeth
The wife of Macbeth, she appears even more ambitious and seeking power than him. In the beginning she urges Macbeth to commit kill Duncan and become king. However as the play progresses, she becomes heavily haunted by her guilt. Her disturbed conscious leads her to sleepwalk and she appears to go mad. She eventually kills herself.

A noble general who is friends with Macbeth. His sons are part of the witches' predictions in that they will eventually inherit the crown. He is excited about this prophecy but unlike Macbeth does not take action to ensure it comes true. Macbeth kills Banquo and his son and the ghost of Banquo comes back to haunt Macbeth.

Banquo's son, who ultimately survives Macbeth's attempt to have him killed.

The Three Witches 
Three ugly old hags who use their spells and prophecies to toy with Macbeth. Their carefully worded predictions lead Macbeth to plot King Duncan's murder in order to steal his crown.

The goddess of witchcraft who helps the three witches plot against Macbeth.

King Duncan
The good king of Scotland whom Macbeth first murders due to his incredible sense of greed. 

One of Duncan's two sons. Both him and his brother Donalbain flee the country after their father's murder for fear of being blamed and punished for their father's murder. Eventually after Macbeth is slain, Malcolm becomes king of Scotland and restores order to the country.

Duncan's other son and Malcolm's brother.

A Scottish nobleman who distrusts Macbeth from the start. He eventually leads an army to fight against Macbeth and take away his crown. Macduff seeks personal revenge against Macbeth for having his son and wife brutally murdered.

Lady Macduff
Macduff's wife who is eventually killed by murderers sent by Macbeth.

A Scottish nobleman.

A Scottish nobleman.