My Analysis

My thoughts on Macbeth:

I was amazed at how quickly a once honorable and loyal man could so easily turn into such a greedy, selfish villian whose only concern was himself and maintaining his power. His character illustrates a strong theme in this play: how a person can be destroyed by their own ambition when it is not guided by some sense of morality. As seen in the beginning, Macbeth knew the difference between right and wrong and went against his better judgement and killed Duncan in order to steal his crown. Throughout the play Macbeth is seen as sort of restless, always on edge and worried about who else might be plotting against him. I think his fears and restlessness stem from his conscious. Deep down Macbeth feels bad but he sees himself in the middle of a downward spiral. Killing Duncan will never be enough because there will always be someone threatening to steal his undeserving crown.

I was surprised at the strength Lady Macbeth seemed to exert. She was the one who constantly pushed Macbeth, questioning his manhood. I think had her own ambitions been guided by morales instead of a hunger for power, she could have been a very powerful woman, capable of accomplishing a lot. However while she seemed the stronger one compared to Macbeth, in the end she was not. Her sins were too much for her conscious to handle and it drover her crazy, ultimately causing her to commit suicide.

This was a fairly violent play with numerous murders. Although the murders aren't talked about in detail, there is a lot of blood, starting in the beginning when the bloody captain is introduced, to the blood seen on Macbeth's hands after killing Duncan and his guards. Blood is also always seen on the murderers after slaying Banquo, Lady Macduff and her son. I think the presence of so much blood acts as a constant reminder about the evil crimes being committed and the dangers behind misguided ambition.

Macbeth's, and even Lady Macbeth's, self demise seems to be a lesson to everyone: ambition is a great characteristic to have but only if the best of intentions are motivating it.