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1. Choose a role for each group member:

  • Exhibit Director -- Leader of the group, keeps the group on task
  • Exhibit Producer -- Keeps track of time and is responsible for materials used 
  • Creative Director -- Primary person responsible for designing the exhibit

*** All group members are responsible for researching and creating the exhibit***

2. Using your Research Note sheet and your assigned research topic, go to the "Resources" section of this website. There you will find links to various websites to help you answer all of your research questions. 

3. Create an exhibit to include in the museum exhibit. 

Your exhibit must include:

  • Answers to your research questions (the more facts the better!)
  • Pictures and/or drawings which relate to your facts
  • Colorful and easy to read facts
  • The names of everyone in the group


Get 2 Months for $5!