A little about me:


I grew up in San Diego, with two older sisters. When I was in high school I was working at a Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash and playing just about every sport imaginable--my favorites were tennis, softball, lacrosse, and surfing (I even competed on the surf team). When I wasn’t running around playing sports I was constantly reading. English has always been my favorite subject, which is why I studied Comparative Literature when I went to college at New York University. After I graduated from college I worked as an editor at NYU Press, a career I continued when I moved to Los Angeles. After LA I moved back to my hometown of San Diego to get my teaching credential from SDSU. This is my second year teaching at Serra.


These days I still enjoy reading and being active; my hobbies include Brazilian jiu jitsu, weight lifting, hiking, and surfing. I love to travel for outdoor adventures, especially backpacking trips, and almost always bring my crazy dog, Taquito (my two cats, Whiskey and Ginger Ale, stay at home).



Fun facts about Mrs. Amos:


I am a major coffee addict.

I worked for a summer as a wildland firefighter and know my way around a chainsaw.

Vivía en España y hablo Español.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes.



My expectations and goals:


In the classroom, my most important expectation is that students will respect themselves and others. In order for my class to be successful all students must all feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas with one another in a safe space. I also emphasize personal responsibility, which means students not only arrive to class ready to learn but also seek help and perseve when faced with difficulties. As ninth grade students are a young adults, I expect that their behavior will reflect their maturing nature.


My goals are for my students to develop and improve their skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking. I believe that these skills are important not only in the classroom, but also that mastering them will help students to be successful in whatever path(s) they choose to pursue in life.




Email:  kamos@sandi.net