Pothole Repair

Top 3 Importance of Pothole Repair




Winter is long gone but not before leaving a trail of its presence. Roads, driveways, pavements, parking spaces and potholes and potholes on sidewalks are causing difficulties to motorists. While some have small holes or cracks, others have gaping holes that increase the likelihood of an accident. It's easy for people who drive fast to lose control. Steering around potholes can lead to serious accidents or even damage to the vehicle.


Pits can also form overnight in stormy weather due to the accumulation of groundwater or the expansion and contraction of water. Pothole repair is not only important but also important to create safe driving conditions. The constant traffic on the pit cuts off the loose soil and gravel around the hole, making it worse.


How do Pits form?


Poor road construction is the most common cause of potholes. Other reasons are:


  • Weak pavement edges give way to local collapse on the surface in heavy traffic.

  • Poor drainage allows water to collect in the cracks and weaken the gravel.

  • Pavement dips, dents, and “crocodile cracks” that become unpaved gradually wear down the structural integrity of the road surface.

  • Weak drain casing.


Why are Pits Dangerous?


Pits are also responsible for unforeseen damage. You never really know the extent of the damage when you hit someone or try to avoid it later. You may notice that the springs of your suspension may be affected or the lower part of your exhaust system may be damaged only when you inspect your car. Unfortunately, such damage can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.


How to Repair Pits


Pothole repair is no DIY job. It is left in the hands of experienced contractors trained in the process. First survey the damage, assess the necessary repair work and then proceed with the semi-permanent “throw and roll” patch method.

In this process, the loose green debris around the pit is removed, after which hot or cold asphalt is poured to fill it. The pit is then compacted with the wheels of a heavy vehicle or roller or vibratory plate.


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