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Follow this format when you do your reading journal.  Everything in bold must be in your reading journal in the exact place it is on this sheet.  Everything that is italicized are instructions and  DO NOT have to be written in your journal.  You can only write on the FRONT page of your papers.  Pens of dark ink are required.  This is collected at random every Thursday and Friday of your class.




Journal Buddy:_________

Title of Book:___________________Author of Book:_________________

Genre:__________________Pages Read for this Journal Entry:_________

DATE: ____________________ Write the date that you enter the journal




DEEP: Knowledge: What is…?  How is?  Where is…?  What is the plot?  What are the events?  Who is…?

Comprehension: What is your interpretation of….?  How would you rephrase the meaning…?  What facts or ideas show…?  Explain what is happening…what is meant?


SUMMARIZE:  In 5 but not more than 7 more sentences, summarize the events of the story you read for this session. Write normally in paragraph form, but number your sentences. (Worth 5 Points)





Application:  How would you use…?  How would you solve…?  How would you have done things differently…?  What would result if…?  What elements would you choose to change…?

Analysis:  How is ____related to?  Why do you think…?  What is the theme…?  What motive is there…?

GIVE OPINIONS:  Select an event, a character, a relationship, or a situation, and give your personal opinion.  Support each opinion with points explaining why you have this/that opinion. Do this in at least 10 but not more than 13 sentences. Write normally in paragraph form, but number your sentences. (Worth 10 Points)



Synthesis:  Do you agree with the actions…or with the outcomes…?  Why so? –can you determine the value or importance of…?  Would it be better if…? What would you recommend…? 

Evaluation:  How would you prove or disprove…?  Would it be better if…?  What judgment would you make about…?  Based on what you know, how would you explain…?  How would you justify…? Why was it better than that?  What choice would you have made and why?  What life lesson has come out of your experience?


PERSONAL CONNECTION (& JOURNAL BUDDY REPLY): Given what you’ve read so far, what events, characters, relationships, or situations to which can you personally relate?  Explain your personal life experiences and how they connect to the experiences in the story.  Discuss some conclusions (lessons) you have about your personal experiences. Do this in at least 16 sentences. Write normally in paragraph form, but number your sentences. (Worth 80 Points)







JOURNAL BUDDY REPLY: Your journal buddy replies to your personal connection in this section.  Your journal buddy should try to relate PERSONALLY to what you’ve written in your personal connection section (worth 5   points):