Vocabulary Collection

Step 1.  Every week, look in dictionary.com under “Word of the Day” archives.

Step 2.  Select 10 words with which you have a personal experience. 

Step 3.  IN CORNELL STYLE, copy the words, the kind of words, and the definitions.  (The format is as we’ve done in class.)  

Step 4.  Write a sentence each using those words.  The sentences must reflect the personal experience you’ve had in which the use of that word is appropriate. You must underline your personal word.  This work must be typed.

Step 5.  Every Monday or Tuesday of your class, you may be selected to turn in your work, and you MUST be prepared.  All students will be called on in the course of the quarter.

Step 6.  At the end of the quarter, you will be creating a short story with your classmates using your vocabulary words.


Meeting Language Art Standard 8E1a:  Word Recognition, Fluency, and Vocabulary Development

     Students use their knowledge of word parts and word relationships, as well as context (the meaning of the text around the word), to determine the meaning of specialized vocabulary and to understand the precise meaning of grade-level-appropriate words.