Students will have four essays to do on their own. Each essay must be a minimum of a page and a half long. Each paragraph should have a minimum of 7 sentences each. Essays must include brainstorming, rough draft (skip lines and to be checked by parents), metaphors  and similes (to be highlighted in blue-even on the final draft), minimum of 3 adjectives and adverbs (highlighted in red – even on the final draft), minimum of 3 words made into better words (10 cent words into $10 words – to be highlighted in green) and final draft (do not skip lines and parents please look it over as well). The following are the essays with their due dates:



Narrative essay: due September 30th

Persuasive essay: due Dec 9th

Literary response: due Jan 20th

Expository (informational) essay: due March 9th

Letter writing; in class

Functional Text: in class